Online stores you can haggle with using a chat box – and get £ 100 off

How Using Chat Boxes In Online Stores Could Save You Big Money – And Is Much Less Annoying Than Doing It In Person

Bargains galore: people can save up to 20% by haggling online

Online haggling could save savvy Brits up to 20% on everything from laptops to sneakers, according to a new survey.

Researchers from the consumer association Which ones? went to the websites of retailers that offered chat services and found they could get big discounts, including £ 135 on a Dell PC.

This could mean big savings for shoppers who are embarrassed to ask for money when speaking face to face with an in-store salesperson.

As a record number of Brits shop online, retailers are increasingly offering online chat services to give customers instant answers to any questions they may have.

Many chat services appear instantly, but others appear after a customer clicks on a certain number of pages or in the contact link.

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Click and Save: A growing number of companies are now offering online chat services so people can request discounts


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A survey of hundreds of store websites by consumer group Which one? Customers found could get discounts that had already expired, use promo codes even if they didn’t have them, and simply request discounts that weren’t advertised.

The best deals included a 10% discount on a £ 1,350 laptop from and a 20% discount on a pair of £ 108 sneakers from

Boden offered 20% off a £ 189 coat and BonMarche offered a similar amount on £ 40 worth of clothing.

Mobile phone giant O2 has even offered more than £ 140 on a two-year contract.

Who? said it was important to build a relationship with the online chat rep before asking for money.

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Looking for a deal: People can save up to £ 108 on a pair of Nike sneakers

One successful sentence was, “I’m interested in buying this but it’s a little out of my price range.” Is there a way I can get a discount?

The researchers also found that an online seller was more likely to offer a discount if it looked like a customer would complete the sale immediately.

Who? said, “It’s important that customers don’t seem too desperate to finalize the sale.

“Remember, this is often the most willing party to walk away from a sale that ends with the deal they want.

“And make it clear that you are looking for the best deal and that you would buy today at the right price.

“Ask a few questions about the product so they can convince you that it is suitable. Then ask if it is possible to get a discount.”

Online Boom: People Could Save Huge Money On Dell Laptops

Researchers said that many online discounts are granted via codes that can be entered during the checkout process, but these codes are not always posted on retailer websites.

However, after several successful haggling, the seller offered a discount code not available online.

While haggling with Dell, researchers mentioned a 10% discount code that had recently expired – and the seller agreed to honor the deal.

Even staying silent online worked for one researcher who was initially denied a rebate.

And even when an online seller was unable to lower the cost of an item, sometimes they could still offer free express shipping.

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Did you haggle while shopping?

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