Facebook puts Andrew Bosworth on hardware, builds video chat box

A LinkedIn photo of Facebook executive Andrew “Boz” Bosworth.

Facebook has entrusted longtime executive Andrew Bosworth with responsibility for all efforts related to consumer hardware as it prepares a video calling device for release next spring, according to a new report released in Business intern.

Bosworth, who until recently was vice president of the company’s advertising and sales platform, has been with Facebook since 2006.

A close confidant of CEO Mark Zuckerberg, he previously led efforts on other essential Facebook products, including the news feed and mobile ads.

The report comes as Facebook tries to catch up with other tech giants Alphabet and Amazon, which have launched home assistance devices that also allow voice calls, and Apple, which is said to be up to something similar.

“The hardware has hardly been a strong point for Facebook,” said Scott Kessler, financial analyst at CFRA, which has a buy rating on its shares. “They are way behind” the rivals, says Kessler.

The new hardware device, named “Aloha”, would allow Facebook users to make video calls and use facial recognition. It should be released next spring, the report says.

Bosworth’s new role will put him in charge of all hardware built by Building 8, the company’s skunkworks unit led by former Google executive Regina Dugan, and other consumer products, including virtual reality Oculus.

Read the full report here.

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