Man behind Evernote creates new video chat app

Phil Libin might not be a name that many are familiar with, but there’s a good chance you’ve heard of his company. Libin created Evernote and now he’s starting over with a new company he calls Mmhmm. And it creates a video chat application.

Ignoring the name for a moment, the new company wants to be what Bloomberg calls a “bloated video communications service.” The company has already raised 100 million from investors.

“Video has always been the most expressive medium, but it hasn’t been the easiest,” said Libin. Mmhmm ​​wants to change that by relying on the pandemic ubiquity of video communication services like those managed by Zoom, Microsoft Corp teams. and Cisco Webex. The growth of video communications technologies is poised to lay the groundwork for a generation of new businesses, said Libin, comparing the potential to the rise of smartphone-powered businesses like Instagram.

So what does Mmhmm ​​do? Basically it takes the video of your existing call via Zoom and so on and then plays it somehow.

For example, Mmhmm ​​gives a speaker the option of continuing to speak in front of slides, much like a presenter, rather than relying on a screen sharing feature for presentations. The software also allows presenters to create text slides in the app, rather than importing them, and mix pre-recorded messages with live chats seamlessly. Users can activate a feature that records their side of the video, allowing presenters to replay what they just said and interact with the clip point by point.

There’s no indication when any of this will be available, but with $ 100 million in the bank, investors will soon want something. You can read more about the app, the company, and Libin himself on Bloomberg.

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