Integrate video chat with Cisco Finesse UCCX, UCCE, PCCE

Understanding and analyzing the drift of customer preferences and business expectations, CXInfinity – the new digital omnichannel customer engagement platform – launched video chat for Cisco Finesse contact centers. The solution is to jump over text chats. It is sure to leverage the power of contact centers with real-time, face-to-face interaction with customers. CXInfinity believes that video chat improves CX for every industry. Again, true to the concept of a unified view, CXInfinity has video chat overly integrated into the existing Cisco interface, leaving no possibility of screen switching.

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CXInfinity is a robust solution with a unified console allowing agents to switch channels on a single screen without losing the context of the conversation at any time. Customers can switch from web chat to video chat to WhatsApp chat, email, etc. in real time. The company guarantees higher customer engagement leading to transparent CX.

Cisco’s integration with video chat and other digital channels provides benefits such as,

  • Instant Transition – Quickly switch a conversation to video chat from text chats for faster resolution and live interactions.
  • Face-to-face interaction – Personalized in-person assistance for a more substantial connection – visual guidance of product walkthroughs, KYC video, etc.
  • Cross-Channel Compatibility – No need to download a third-party app. The integrated video chat solution allows agents to start video on all channels.
  • Supported Context – Additionally, an agent can return to text or co-browsing or share documents at any time.
  • Mixed Tool – Video chat interface is integrated with Finesse. No special training or workflow for agents to focus on.
  • Third Party Integrations – Seamless integrations for personalized interaction with customer details and interaction history displayed on the agent screen.

Amit Gandhi, CEO of CXInfinity and NovelVox, says: “No contact center solution is perfect for all times. With changing customer expectations, we must also advance our solutions. Today, CX does not mean responding to customer queries but connecting with customers for a longer period of time. Businesses need to make customers feel valued instead of just a number. CXInfinity’s Video Chat for Cisco is one such initiative that works on the concept of creating an emotional connection. Now businesses can deliver personalized conversation across all channels in real time and from a single console. Face-to-face interactions that will increase resolution rate and reduce processing time. It is a solution that has built a stronger relationship between customers and businesses.

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