Chord Connect enables instant video chat for teams on any website

Allows each team member to have a personal “about me” video page

Because everyone in an organization has a personal page, meetings can now be conducted with unprecedented ease. “Just share your link. That’s it,” said Scott Rozic, COO and President of CloudEngage. “Business users can record and share videos instantly, leave video messages for other team members, and make instant video calls with SMS notifications. “

Chord Connect is radically different

Download-free and optimized for desktops and mobile devices, Chord Connect enables one-to-one, one-to-many group video chat, as well as personal and private rooms. Organizations can use the directory functionality included in Chord Connect so that web visitors and team members can easily find other users and rooms. Team member pages have built-in privacy settings.

This flexibility means that Chord Connect can be used for online sales, team building, virtual operations, owner groups, product launches, virtual selling, customer and partner meetings, summits, collaboration. video, team building and more.

Three levels, from free: Basic, Pro, Communities Edition.

Chord Connect is designed so that every member of an organization can enjoy their own personal page through a simple pricing model. The free basic plan allows each team member to have a personal landing page where they can receive communications from other team members and easily join scheduled video chats. Business users benefit from full video hosting capabilities as well as sending recorded videos to other team members.

If an important message needs to be broadcast, all members of an organization can receive an instant SMS or email alert that takes them to their personal page to view the message. It’s a game-changing ability.

Communities Edition is a comprehensive social engagement platform for large-scale brands, supporting tens of thousands of user accounts per organization. It includes creating social groups, video content libraries, theatrical co-viewing experiences, social boards, built-in chat and more. It’s a compelling way for brands to drive deep engagement on their own websites rather than external social platforms. Communities Edition gives brands greater control over their story, a better understanding of their audiences, and the ability to deliver products and services directly into the experience.

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