Brave adds video chat feature supported on competing browsers

The Brave browser goes after Zoom by adding a video call feature.

The feature, dubbed Brave Talk, is built into the browser. Just open a new tab, click on the camera icon in the lower right corner, and you’ll be taken to, where you can start a video conference. The session can then be shared with others via the URL with no time limit on the call.

The host can only initiate the video conference through the Brave browser. But what’s remarkable is that participants who join the call can use a third-party browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to join the same video session, eliminating the need for everyone to use the same application.

Brave Software designed the software to stand out by focusing on privacy. “Many other video conferencing providers, including Zoom, monitor calls, metadata, and images, and recordings of this data can be sold or shared without the user’s consent,” the company says. This is probably a reference to how Zoom can monitor a video call if it suspects it is facilitating criminal activity.

Brave Talk, on the other hand, doesn’t require you to create a user account for the free version. “No location. No data collection. Nothing connects you (or anyone else) to a call. Period,” the company adds.

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What a user says or types into Brave Talk is also never recorded. Additionally, the company’s privacy policy says it will remove your computer’s IP address and URL link for a video meeting after the call ends, although text chats are temporarily cached.

To create the feature, Brave used open source software from Jitsi, another video calling provider. However, Brave Talk does not offer end-to-end encryption by default. You will need to access the security settings and enable the video bridge encryption feature.

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“However, there are significant limitations to video bridge encryption. If you want to include a participant by phone in your call, have more than 20 participants, or include users with incompatible browsers (Safari, most iOS browsers, and Chromium-based browsers version 83 or lower), this encryption setting does not will not work, says the company.

The free version of Brave Talk also has another limitation: it only allows one-to-one calls. If you want to host a meeting with up to 100 attendees, you need to pay for the premium version, which costs $ 7 per month and requires you to create an account.

“The Brave Android and iOS apps currently offer Brave Talk Premium and will also have the free version in the coming weeks,” the company adds.

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