Dunamu launches video chat metaverse platform

Dunamu, the operator of the Upbit cryptocurrency exchange, announced on Tuesday that it has launched the beta of its video chat metaverse platform, pushing the line between the real world and virtual reality.

The metaverse refers to virtual communities that allow users to interact in real time.

On 2ndblock, the metaverse platform, a video chat window automatically pops up when user avatars are nearby, and users can see each other’s faces through webcams. They can also actively communicate with each other through a microphone, the blockchain company said.

“Most of the metaverse platforms in Korea don’t have video chat services. So users had to type words or phrases to communicate. But 2ndblock supports real-time group meetings, providing a one-to-one communication channel, ”said an official from Dunamu.

According to Dunamu, up to 1,000 users can simultaneously log in as a group to the platform. It can host university seminars, exhibitions and even concerts.

With the “Spotlighting” feature that makes the sound loud and clear, users can enjoy virtual concerts as if they were in a concert hall, the company said.

“We are considering partnering with entertainment agencies and arts institutions to merge K-pop, the art business and the metaverse,” the official said.

In 2ndblock beta, users can choose from 20 avatars to express their digital identity. For social events, there are five predefined blocks such as office, party rooms, and auditoriums. Users can play games or have video chats in four public blocks and also rest in individual private blocks.

Officially launching next year, 2ndblock’s beta service is available with Google, Kakao, Apple, or Facebook accounts.

“After the system upgrade, we will offer services where users can produce and exchange their own content within the platform. We also plan to synergize with our NFT business, ”the company said.

Dunamu recently opened the Upbit NFT Beta service, where its users can sell and buy non-fungible tokens, digital equivalents of real-world assets, through auctions on the Upbit website. Its first NFT sale raised around 326 million won ($ 275,000).

By Byun Hye-jin ([email protected])

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