Michigan prep basketball team stumbled upon a video chat with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

We’ve all been on the side of one wrong number or another. It can be incredibly frustrating when it comes to a group discussion. I mean, heck, group chats with people I know tend to bother me just because of the number of notifications (except for the BN chat, of course. Don’t fire me, Michael).

But, I’m willing to bet you’d be cool to accidentally add a pro athlete to your group chat, like a group of teenagers from Pontiac, Mi did recently when they mistakenly added the running back. Tampa Bay Buccaneers corner Sean Murphy-Bunting at their freshman basketball group chat.

Sacred cow! It’s awesome; I don’t care how old you are; this video was all the thrills. The experience of a lifetime for the Notre Dame Prep freshman basketball team.

Murphy-Bunting, a native of McComb, Mi. and a graduate of Chippewa Valley High School in Clinton Township, Mich., Could have informed the group that they had the wrong number. Still, he took it upon himself to provide them with an experience they will never forget, one of the coolest things a professional athlete can do.

Murphy-Bunting hands the phone to veteran running back Leonard Fournette (still mad at him about that 50 burger he put me in fantasy football, but he’s getting a pass for now) who does the Tampa Bay locker room tour, introducing the boys to Rob Gronkowski, Mike Evans, Richard Sherman and even the GOAT himself, Tom Brady.

The kid in the lower left took it upon himself to ask Fournette to speak with Brady, redeeming himself for initially asking Murphy-Bunting to leave the cat, LOL!

Good stuff all around and major props to Sean Murphy-Bunting for using his fame to create a keepsake for this band.

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