Parents limited to video chat | Ahmedabad News

Ahmedabad: In an interfaith marriage case in which custody of the wife was secured by the husband after a brief legal battle, the Gujarat High Court recently allowed the wife to keep in touch with her parents via video conference.
In this case, the parents’ lawyer had expressed concern for the safety of the daughter. The woman also insisted on getting security when the parents expressed their desire to meet her. “Let the daughter keep in touch with the parents via video conference. There will be no insistence on a physical meeting under the current circumstances,” the HC asserted on Thursday. He said he would adopt a new order in this regard on January 20.
The couple, residents of Ahmedabad, met on social networks, fell in love and decided to get married. They had their marriage registered on June 1, 2021 under the Special Marriage Act. At the beginning of December, the couple fled without telling anyone.
The woman’s parents filed a complaint with the police alleging that their daughter and her boyfriend had run off with valuables. Based on the complaint, city police tracked down the couple and reportedly separated them. A few days later, the husband went to the high court and argued that the cops had separated him from his legally married wife on the pretext of a false complaint filed by her parents. He added that his wife was forcibly guarded by her parents.
When the court inquired about the woman’s will, she said she had entered into marriage and preferred to go with her husband. The court gave the woman some time to reconsider after her parents complained that their daughter would soon be graduating and that the man she married is a mechanic. They expressed concern about his future. However, at the next hearing, the woman reiterated her wish to go to her husband’s house and the court ordered that her custody be given to her husband.

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