Teacher calls P5 boy for ‘spamming 69’ in online course chat box

A teacher of an online class of Primary 5 students took to social media on Monday (February 21) to highlight the “reality of students these days.”

In a Facebook post, Matthew Zachary Liu wrote:

“Ten-year-olds swear.

12 year olds surf porn.

14 year olds are sexually active.

16 year olds are broken.

18 year olds are committing crimes.

He explained that most parents and schools may be oblivious to this. They may be too strict with children or just in denial until it is too late to communicate with their children.

Mr. Liu shared the following incident that happened during a Home Learning (HBL) online course with P5 students:

“During one of the HBL sessions, I was leading an online lesson for grade 5 kids. In the chat, a boy decided to spam “69” as one of the answers that wreaked havoc on the box of cat.

“Why is your answer 69?” »

“Because..” he unmuted, then burst out laughing”.

When he called the student and asked him to explain what that meant, the boy was uneasy. The boy repeatedly typed “69” and repeatedly sent it to the chat box visible to Mr. Liu and all the other students.

Mr. Liu told the student that he was not scolding him and added, “I want you to know that if you are not ready to explain what you are typing or saying…or if you now know that makes you feel uncomfortable, next time think about how your words and actions may affect you and those around you before you let something slip Because you have control over what you choose to say or do, but if you don’t, you better be prepared for the consequences you may face”.

In his message, Mr. Liu wrote that parents need to be more aware because real conversations and good education must be in place to teach certain things beyond just academic subjects.

Although he said the devices could be part of the problem, ultimately communication is what was important.

“It could be the difference between them cursing ‘f**k you’ under their breath or acknowledging in their heart that they ‘love you,'” he added. /TISG

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