Zoom video chat app unveils latest products, aims to deliver ‘work anywhere’ experience

As countries reopen and millions join offices, video collaboration and chat app Zoom has seen a massive erosion in its stock market value – nearly 80% – from its 2020 peak.

Demand for Zoom has skyrocketed over the two years of the pandemic as companies closed offices and employees had to work from home.

Distance learning and telemedicine have also boosted Enlarge videocloud-based services.

Now, Zoom’s growth has slowed as in-person meetings resume and schools/universities reopen.

Zoom is now experiencing a transition year in 2022.

Alarmed by its slow user growth, the company unveiled the latest Zoom platform innovations to help businesses improve the customer and employee experience for the new ‘work n’ workforce. anywhere”.

For example, “Zoom IQ for Sales” is a conversational intelligence solution for sales professionals, as well as new Zoom Events and Online seminar features like behind-the-scenes and webinar session branding aim to put engagement at the center of the experience and transform the way we work, connect and collaborate.

New product announcements helped Zoom’s stock zoom 8% on Wednesday.

“Following our recent launch of Zoom contact centerZoom IQ for Sales and our latest Zoom Events innovations mark further steps in Zoom’s journey to set new heights in customer experience and flexible workforce collaboration,” said Oded Galproduct manager at Zoom.

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