Cobalt Robotics launches enterprise mobile video chat for its automated robotics service to streamline security and front desk workflows across the enterprise

Cobalt Robotics, the only company to automate repetitive manual security and installation tasks with an integrated service that unifies advanced robotics, machine learning software and expert human oversight, announced an industry first: chat corporate mobile video on the state of Cobalt. state-of-the-art robotics. Now businesses can first connect staff and visitors with a live employee from their organization or security team with a backup of Cobalt’s command center, via real-time video on the robot wherever the robot patrol, in a secure managed solution.

Enterprise mobile video chat allows customers to connect visitors and staff entering their offices, whether from a satellite or a launch pad, directly with a receptionist or security officer from the main headquarters by video on the robot for any concerns or questions. If that person is not available, they are automatically directed to the Cobalt Command Center. With Cobalt’s integrated robotic service, a large enterprise can now manage the reception of dozens of satellite offices via live video calls. Cobalt specialists are available for 24/7 backup from Cobalt’s SOC2-compliant Global Security Operations Center (GSOC). Large companies with satellite offices scattered across the country must always maintain a high level of security, communication and availability for all staff and visitors when entering buildings. Cobalt’s new enterprise mobile video chat facilitates connections to an organization’s headquarters and more personal communications to keep all employees better connected with each other.

Large companies often require guard posts that must be manned 168 hours per week to protect their personnel and facilities. These positions are difficult to fill with high turnover rates and costs, and often do not provide the expected security services. This results in large gaps in a security program, especially at nights and weekends. Additionally, much of the security checklists and facilities required of security guards are repetitive and mundane tasks that can be accomplished more efficiently and cost-effectively by a robot. Cobalt’s RaaS solution can obtain an annotated image of an organization’s facility at all inspection points, accomplishing all security and installation tasks at a fraction of the cost.

Autonomous patrols and more than 60 Cobalt sensors facilitate continuous data collection across an entire facility, providing insight into safety, security and facility trends over time. Its detailed and customizable Daily Security Reports (DSRs) provide customers with actionable insights in real time.

“As employers navigate back to the office, security, uniform access control and consistent communications for all employees, regardless of location, are paramount,” said Mike LeBlanc, Chief Operating Officer from Cobalt Robotics. “Cobalt fills a critical gap for businesses that need around-the-clock facility maintenance and security tasks; these are often repetitive and mundane tasks like checking doors and alarms that can be automated, so guards can spend time on tasks that require empathy, judgment and creativity. Our service also provides more consistent data, historical analysis, and detailed reporting to organizations. We’re excited to add new features like enterprise mobile video chat so large enterprises can facilitate communications and access control for a distributed workforce and help employees feel connected when ‘they’re going back to physical offices.

Cobalt’s robotics-as-a-service solution includes:

State-of-the-art robots – with over 60 sensors, including day-night cameras, 360 degree cameras, thermal cameras, depth cameras, LIDAR and badge reading capabilities. Using machine learning, semantic mapping and novelty detection, the robot can independently identify and report safety-related anomalies such as people, sounds, movements, doors and windows and missing assets. Each robot has a screen for communication between remote security specialists and people on site.

Machine learning software – The robot uses machine learning for tasks such as enforcing closed door policies. For example, Cobalt’s machine learning algorithm ingested enough data to accurately identify an open door. When the robot identifies a door that should be closed as open, the image is transmitted and confirmed by a security specialist at Cobalt’s command center as an additional layer of redundancy. The incident is then escalated to the customer based on their specified criteria.

In the event of an incident, Cobalt’s security specialists provide humanitarian assistance for complex situations. They will triage the incident, contact the appropriate personnel and report to the security team 24/7/365 based on collaboratively established post orders. They can also provide two-way video from the robot to greet employees, request badge credentials, and provide guest check-in.

About Cobalt Robotics

Cobalt Robotics is the only company to automate repetitive manual safety and installation tasks with an integrated service that unifies advanced robotics, machine learning software, and expert human oversight. Its technology platform and dedicated 24/7 professional security services team improve facility safety, security and workflows with increased efficiency and predictability at dramatically reduced costs, while allowing agents to focus on tasks that require judgment, empathy and decision-making. Cobalt mobile robotics helps companies make their spaces smarter, safer and more secure, protecting both their employees and their intellectual property. Leading companies like General Motors and Slack demonstrate that workplace automation is a top priority with Cobalt.

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